Modern Warfare 3, Warzone Holiday Event: Killer Zombie Santa, Deadly Snowball Fights

This year’s holiday event has officially rolled out in Call of Duty, or CODMAS (a portmanteau of “Call of Duty” and “Christmas”), bringing with it exciting activities themed around the season. From snowball fights that could kill to some Killer Zombie Santas on the prowl, this year’s event is bound to be a memorable one for Call of Duty fans.

Starting on December 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, CODMAS will have its run until January 3 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

Snow everywhere

As is true with the winter season, the event will see both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone blanketed in snow. But what is the use of snow if there are no snowball fights, right? Given the presence of snow, players see a twist in Gunfight where they throw fatal snowballs at others for the first two rounds. Meanwhile, players can choose to either keep throwing snowballs from round three or use guns. But players should pay special attention to yellow snowballs for their easy one-hit kill.

Speaking of the transformative power of snow, Shipment and Highrise will see transformations as both maps become decorated with holiday-themed ornaments, like snowmen and Christmas lights. Both multiplayer maps will be temporarily renamed as “Shipmas” and “Hangover,” too.

Kill the Santa(s)

We have been used to seeing a Killer Santa Claus in horror movies. Well, it becomes certainly “real” within both MF3 and Warzone as certain players succumb to an infection that turns them into zombie Santa, via the Infectious Holiday mode.

But for a real “Santa-killing” event, Warzone sees the “Slay Ride Resurgence” where players are tasked to kill Santa in Urzikstan for some rewards—an emblem and a special gear. Also, there’s the “Deck the Halls,” which sees players rewarded by sticking close to a tree without enemies around. The better decorated the tree is, the better the prize.


Adding to the overall fun of the annual event is also the Santa’s Playground. Through this event, players can take up to eight unique challenges for prizes, including the “Elfsecution” finishing move, “Christmas Skulls” calling card, a new operator skin, and a special weapon blueprint. Alternatively, the same special gear can be unlocked by playing across Warzone, Zombies, and multiplayer.