More new details from the Tales of Arise DLC, Beyond the Dawn

Previously, we highlighted the upcoming release of the Tales of Arise DLC titled Beyond the Dawn, scheduled for November 9th, 2023.

Yusuke Tomizawa, the General Producer, has now shed more light on this addition via the Official Playstation Blog. Fans can anticipate an introduction to Nazamil, a young girl of both Dahnan and Renan heritage. Intriguingly, she is revealed as the offspring of a Lord from the original game, with her parentage still under wraps (my hunch is Vholran. I mean, look at her!). The narrative extends beyond 20 hours, with an enhancement in the cinematic quality promised.

Additionally, gamers can dive into fresh dungeons, engage in new quests, and showcase novel costumes. While the storyline unfolds post the primary game, players will be equipped with a predefined set of skills and statuses, ensuring alignment with the envisioned gameplay level.

Tomizawa emphasized, “Rather than merely transferring levels and statuses from the main game, we’ve incorporated perks like in-game currency and skill points, contingent on the main game’s completion data.”

Bandai Namco has detailed the Beyond the Dawn expansion offerings as follows:

  • Beyond the Dawn Storyline: Embark on a novel journey, exploring new dungeons and engaging in side quests that delve into the escapades of the main cast.
  • Special Data: Enrich your character wardrobe with exclusive costumes.
  • New Departure Support Pack: Comes packed with 50,000 Gald, Level Up +5, CP +100, and a comprehensive fishing kit.
  • Silver Weapon Collection: Equip your characters with shimmering silver-toned weapons, one for each protagonist.