MW3 player’s impressive kill streak leads to an unfortunate ban

Modern Warfare 3 ban

One Modern Warfare 3 player, on the verge of performing what could be the best in-game feat of his life with multiple-kill streaks, was mistaken for a cheater, leading to an inauspicious ban.

X (formerly Twitter) user ItsRomanz_ shared a video clip displaying the entirety of the event, which ended with him getting booted out of the game.

In the nearly 30-second video, the player is seen going for multiple skills, which include some lucky quick scope kills, only for the performance to get cut short with a “crash” and an error prompt on the screen.

Not the first case of its kind, another user corroborated the issue, stating: “I get dev errors when I use too fast of movement or if I’m on a 20+ kill streak”.

Others, meanwhile, believe that it’s a sign of a bigger issue that is currently plaguing the Call of Duty franchise as a whole, saying: “Sums up every issue with cod these days and this SBMM bullshit. Do something good and it’s not allowed”.

“SBMM” or skill-based matchmaking is a system in place aimed at keeping an even ground among players by keeping matchmaking balanced among players with equal skills.

As of writing, it is still unknown how ItsRomanz_ got the ban hammer or for how long he would be in the state of getting banned.