My Hero Ultra Rumble Reveals New Season 3 Trailer Detailing Upcoming Content

Bandai Namco has just released a brand-new trailer detailing the new season of content that’s coming to their free-to-play My Hero Ultra Rumble Game.

In Season 3, players will take to an all-new battlefield on the UA Campus, as it is added as a new battle stage. In addition to this, Izuku Midoriya will be getting several new Quirk Skill Sets, each packed with iconic attacks. Lastly, there will also be new costumes to collect, including kung-fu inspired attire, and new casual costumes.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, players will join one of eight three-player teams, giving fans the chance to build dream teams of Heroes or Villains like never before, and battle across an expansive city map. By controlling classic MY HERO characters, fans can make the most of their Quirks to attack enemies and cooperate with their team to survive fights.

Furthermore, players can also contribute to their team’s victory by rescuing or intimidating civilians on the field to obtain powerful items that can determine the outcome of the battle. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

You can watch the Season 3 trailer below: