Narrative Driven Adventure Game ‘Indika’ Releasing Early May For Playstation 5

Publisher 11 bit Studios announced today that their narrative focused adventure game Indika will release on PlayStation 5 May 8th, 2024. A new trailer was released, showcasing the game.

Indika promises to blend narrative with environmental puzzles and platforming as players explore a rich story full of questions about faith and self-belief. The trailer itself takes heavy imagery from the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Players will help guide Indika, a nun who believes that they have the power to intervene with god’s plan, as she tries to help people and navigate a world full of sin. Can she actually change the fates of the people around her or is she doomed to fall into madness?

Watch the trailer below.

Indika launches May 8 for Playstation 5.