Neon Blood Gets New Trailer For PS4 and PS5

Publisher Meridiem Games has shared a new trailer for Neon Blood. The video showcases a few animations and gameplay bits of the upcoming turn-based cyberpunk RPG coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at an undisclosed date.

While the trailer is called an “Announce Trailer” on the PlayStation YouTube channel, Spanish developer ChaoticBrain Studios revealed it back in 2022. The team is part of Sony Spain’s PlayStation Talents Game Camp program.

Neon Blood tells the story of Axel McCoin, a detective who wants to bring change to the world. In the year 2053, humanity lives in a macropolis with two cities: Bright City and Blind City.

Bright City has all the luxury of technology society can offer. Meanwhile, Blind City is rife with crime and danger, leaving poor people at the mercy of a dystopian reality.

Axel will gather allies and fight for the sake of revolution. However, many will stand in their way, as the police regards them as criminals. Among their enemies is a rich and powerful woman called Ruby Emerald.

Check out the trailer:

The companies have not confirmed any release date for Neon Blood as of yet.