New Cyberpunk 2077 Update Expected To Launch Next Week

Cyberpunk 2077 update

A new update is set for rollout for Cyberpunk 2077 next week, aimed at putting more polish to the game’s otherwise still slightly problematic state.

The development for Cyberpunk 2077 officially ended when CD Projekt Red launched the Ultimate Edition of the game, concluding years of continued production after a troubled early release.

The audiences were certainly pleased with how the game eventually turned out, especially after the launch of the game’s one and only DLC, Phantom Liberty. But the game is hardly the perfect game that it could be, with reports of minor bugs coming from the community.

In response to that feedback, CDPR has been hard at work ironing out the game’s remaining kinks, culminating in a new patch set to roll out sometime next week. If the developers are going to stick to an established pattern, the update could see the light of day on Tuesday, with patch notes appearing a day prior.