New Spider-Verse game could potentially be in the works following leaked Insomniac documents

Spider-Verse Rhysida

Insomniac Games, the company behind several of PlayStation’s first-party titles, like the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, has been a recent victim of a ransomware attack. The incident led to the attackers leaking confidential data, including information that could point to a new Spider-Verse developing project.

The culprit behind the cyberattack is a ransomware group known as Rhysida, whose namesake is also the malware used in the attack. The gang claimed illicit access to sensitive information such as employee data and any relevant data to ongoing projects. Signs of the attack were also left behind with a “.rhysida” extension added to each affected file.

However, with the public given access to the stolen data, fans have been quick to look into the details of what’s in store with the studio. Via Insider Gaming, fans were able to dig up possible references to further Spider-Man titles, which could include a spin-off. Specifically, a leaked screenshot mentions “planned projects including Miles, RCE, SM2, SM3, Spider-,” with a date saying “2025”.

Meanwhile, another piece of information stated “additional support for Spider-Verse”.

The leaked data might be suggestive that there is indeed an ongoing project within the Spider-Man universe. But it is also worth noting that things can change, whether as a result of the hack or not, with any undertaking Insomniac Studios might be in.

However, if there is one thing that’s surefire about the event, it is that the idea of a new Spider-Man project being in the works is sure to keep the fans genuinely excited.