New Super Bomberman R 2 update includes a Luca Bright Bomberman

Super Bomberman R 2 Luca Bright

Super Bomberman R 2 just received a new major update, which brings in a slew of game enhancements, including a surprising character inspired by one of the main baddies of Suikoden II.

As soon as players update their game to version 1.3.0, a familiar yet new character in the form of a Luca Bright Bomberman will appear. To the uninitiated, Luca Bright is one of the primary antagonists in Konami’s iconic RPG, Suikoden II. The very figure itself is emblematic of its depiction of evil, as an anti-hero.

In addition to the introduction of a new Bomberman character, the update also adds in-game adjustments for a more immersive gaming experience. Among the adjustments include the setting of the “maximum number of “Round number” for Standard Battle Mode in Private Match/Battle Offline to 99”.

To keep the game more balanced, players are now prevented from getting “continuous Stun” while in battles. This means that players who learned of this secret will have to change their style of play, while players who often fall victim to the glitch will get a sigh of relief it’s no longer a thing.

For a comprehensive list of changes in the version 1.3.0 update, check out this page.

A sequel to Super Bomberman R, Super Bomberman R 2 improves upon the tried-and-tested formula seen from its predecessor, giving players an option to choose across multiple game modes. Most notable of which are the 1-versus-15 asymmetrical battle, Castle, and the battle royale mode, Battle 64.

Players can also create their map, via the Stage Editor tool, which they can share online through Castle Battle Mode.

Super Bomberman R 2 is available on multiple platforms, including PS4 and PS5.