Noir Adventure Game ‘Nobody Wants To Die’ Announced For Playstation 4 and 5

Earlier today, PLAION and Critical Hit Games announced a new noir adventure game, Nobody Wants to Die.

Nobody Wants to Die is set in an alternate future where the man and machine is blended together. The rich can be immortal by uploading their minds to back up bodies for a fee. While the poor face their mortality, promising a rich blend of storytelling with photorealistic graphics.

Players take on the role of Detective James Karra who recently took an off the books case from his chief. Now with the help of Sara Kai, a young police liason, the duo most pursue a killer in 2329 New York, who is slowly taking down the city’s elite.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Critical Hit Games did not announce a release date at this time but Nobody Wants to Die will release on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 later this year.