Persona 3 Reload Guide: How To Defeat All Rare Shadows

In Persona 3 Reload, there exists one dungeon: Tartarus. The tower itself spans across several floors, divided in blocks, and they’re absolutely required for players to progress the story. However, inside those blocks, we have golden hand-shaped Shadows that the game calls Rare Shadows.

These Rare Shadows can not only give a generous amount of EXP, but they also drop an item that can sell for a good amount of cash at the police station, so farming them is very worth it. In this guide, I’ll be listing all the types of Rare Shadows you can encounter, their weakness, and the best way to farm those.

Don’t Forget the Fortune Teller!

First things first, we want to tip the scales in our favor. As their name implies, Rare Shadows are well, rare, and only randomly spawn inside Tartarus. However, during the Evening, if your Courage stat is at Ordinary or higher, you can enter a place in Paulownia Mall known as Club Escapade. In here, you’ll find a fortune teller, who for 3000 yen, will give you a Rarity Fortune.

This Fortune not only guarantees you’ll encounter a Rare Shadow at least once, but it also increases the chance of a Rare Shadow spawning. Just be aware that you should only do this on the same night that you’ll go to Tartarus, as the fortune teller’s buff goes away the next day.

All Rare Shadows and Their Weaknesses

Something that all Rare Shadows share in common is that they are found at specific floor sections in Tartarus blocks. Another thing to notice is that for the Rare Shadows that have weaknesses, the idea is to simply hit their weakness, and immediately follow up with an All-Out Attack, which can even guarantee a Shuffle Time to make you earn even more EXP from it, depending on the cards you draw.

Here’s all the types of Rare Shadows you’ll encounter:

Wealth Hand

Found in: Thebel (12F – 20F)
Weak to: Strike

The first Rare Shadow is located in the latter floors of Tartarus’s first block, and you’ll run into it for the first time during the tutorial on Floor 12. It’s weak to Strike, so either the Protagonist’s Orpheus or Junpei Iori’s Hermes can hit its weakness relatively easily.

Treasure Hand

Found in: Arqa, First Section (30F – 45F)
Weakness: Light

This Rare Shadow is in the first section of Arqa, the second block of Tartarus. It is weak to Light, and if you met it during the early game, you will likely not have some of the later party members. However, you can fuse Personas with Light-based attack skills and have the protagonist attack them.

Precious Hand

Found in: Arqa, Second Section (43F – 69F)
Weakness: Dark

The Precious Hand sits right in between the second section of the Arqa block, but also spawns in the first section of the third block of Tartarus, Yabbashah. Similar to the Treasure Hand, it is recommended to fuse a Persona with Dark-based attack skills.

Supreme Hand

Found in: Yabbashah, First Section (69F – 75F)
Weakness: None, blocks all elemental-based attacks

We’re now starting to get into the harder Rare Shadows. The Supreme Hand is located in the first section of Yabbashah, and its gimmick is that it has no weakness, and blocks all elemental-based attacks.

It is recommended that you use any of the Break skills some characters may have. For example, Akihiko can learn Elec Break, which will render the Supreme Hand to Electrical damage. You can also dish out your strongest Physical attack, though you’ll have to be quick.

Invaluable Hand

Found in: Yabbashah, Second Section (92F – 117F)
Weakness: Dark

The Invaluable Hand, which similar to the Precious Hand, is also weak to Dark-based attacks. By this point in the game, you’ll likely have Koromaru as a party member. His Persona can dish out Dark-based attacks that can deal a lot of damage to it, and just as always, keep a Dark-based Persona with the Protagonist.

Opulent Hand

Found in: Tziah, First Section (122F – 144F)
Weakness: Strike

The Opulent Hand is located on the first section of Tziah, and like the very first Precious Hand, it is weak to Strike-based attacks, so have Akihiko Sanada in your party and his regular attack can easily target its weakness. Alternatively, Junpei Iori’s Persona, Hermes, can also hit its weakness.

Ethereal Hand

Found in: Tziah, Second Section (144F – 171F)
Weakness: Lightning

The Ethereal Hand is weak to Lightning-based attacks. However, it has a trick up its sleeve, because one of its skills is Makarakarn, which erects a magical reflecting barrier for one hit. You can use Elec Break to expose its weakness, but doing so may cost you a turn, so it’s best to try and hit its weakness as soon as you can.

Luxury Hand

Found in: Harabah, First Section (173F – 198F)
Weakness: None, blocks physical and elemental attacks

The third to last Rare Shadow is incredibly tough, because not only are all physical attacks blocked by it, but elemental attacks too. It is recommended to use the Break skills to expose some of its attributes, but also use your Theurgy skills, as those ignore resistances.

Miracle Hand

Found in: Harabah, Second Section (199F – 226F)
Weakness: None, absorbs all physical and elemental attacks

The second to last Rare Shadow. This time, unlike the Luxury Hand, it converts all physical and elemental attacks into HP for itself. The only way you can damage it is with Almighty-based skills such as Virus Breath, Megido and Megidolaon. A trip to the Velvet Room to fuse a Persona for the Protagonist with Almighty-skills is practically a must.

Glorious Hand

Found in: Adamah (227F – 255F)
Weakness: None, reflects all physical and elemental attacks

And now we have the final Rare Shadow, the Glorious Hand. Its gimmick is that all physical and elemental attacks bounce right off it, hurting your party members. This can be remedied with Break skills, but it is highly recommended that you also use Almighty-based skills and your Theurgy against it.

It is recommended that you trade a Megido or Megidolaon Gem from Mayoido Antiques for this Rare Shadow so your party members can also deal some damage.