PlayStation 5 gets a new Rest Mode, shutdown display animation

PlayStation 5 Rest Mode Shutdown

Sony rolled out a new update for the PlayStation 5, which brings in a new feature aimed at making a parallel between the old design and the upcoming slimmer model.

More specifically, the change seems to uniformly make putting the system in Rest Mode or shutting it down appear the same fluid animation. The difference, while can be subtle to the unaware, involves the missing side panels, which will become the signature of the “phat” PS5 design when the “slim” PS5 becomes widely available.

Without the side panels, informally referred to as the “grills,” what is left is a faintly glowing pair of LED strips that make the “V” symbol. The symbol itself is a clever representation of the PlayStation 5’s ordinal placement in the line-up—the fifth PlayStation console to release in the market, as a follow-up to the PlayStation 4.

Below is a video by PlayStation Planet, displaying the difference between the old and new PlayStation Rest Mode or shutdown animations: