Playstation 5 Pushes Out New Update Beta; Numerous Improvements Introduced

Sony has just begun the rollout of the new PS5 software update beta. Only select invited users are able to access this, but it still boasts a lot of welcome future changes. From the controller to some screen and screen sharing changes, these are a few things to expect from the newest update:

Controller Upgrades

The controller software is seeing some very welcome changes. The controller microphone is seeing an update to its noise cancellation feature. Meaning it’s finally a more viable option if you don’t have a headset with a microphone. Furthermore, the controller speaker can now have higher volume with clearer sound.

Screen Share Improvements

Screen Sharing is seeing a huge improvement to the abilities of the player that’s watching. Now the spectator can use a pointer to draw lines and paths, highlight in game objects, amd overall guide the player more directly. You can also send emoji-like reactions to the player’s screen to encourage and react to their actions without needing to use the mic.

And finally, you can now adjust the power light on the PS5. This can be done the same way you change the power on sound. Some other minor changes were also done, and you can view them all through the PlayStation blog here.