Playstation 5 Tops Famitsu Weekly Console Sales Charts

Japanese publication Famitsu has updated their weekly Japanese sales charts, adding the console sales. PlayStation 5 was the top seller during the period of January 15 to January 21, 2024.

Famitsu shares weekly sales for games and consoles, ranking the former in a top 30 format. Their numbers are strictly for the Japanese market and obtained through retailers, so it doesn’t include any digital sales.

For the hardware portion, systems are divided by SKU, meaning each version is counted separately. In the case of PS5, the Digital Edition is separated from the version with the optical drive.

In the past week, PS5 was the top seller with 45,971 units. Lifetime sales have now reached the 4,406,378 units sold mark. Meanwhile, the Digital Edition sold 11,932 units for a total of 694,014 sales.