PlayStation Portal enters scalper pricing as the unit goes out of stock

PlayStation Portal Scalper Pricing

The PlayStation Portal sold to a heavy demand, causing the device to go out of stock. Now, scalpers are leveraging the situation with hefty resell prices.

At $199.99 / €219.99 / £199.99 price tag, the PlayStation Portal is not a cheap peripheral for the PlayStation 5. But the strictly Remote Play controller is substantially more expensive now as the available stocks are already in the hands of hoarders who intend to turn a profit through reselling.

Heading to the PlayStation Direct platform, interested buyers will be faced with a prompt stating a restock that is a work-in-progress. UK buyers specifically will be able to get their hands on the shiny device as early as November 22. However, US consumers will have to wait until early December for the same.

Looking at eBay, the cheapest PlayStation Portal is now selling for $250, which is 25 percent more expensive than the device’s launch price. One seller is even looking for a higher profit with a steeper price tag of nearly $330.

It is unclear how many of PlayStation Portal that Sony sold worldwide. But the limited number is undoubtedly causing opportunistic sellers to be set into motion with their profit-driven scheme.