Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG ‘AI LIMIT’ Coming To PS5 in 2024; PS4 Version Cancelled

Publisher PlayStation China and developer Hero Project have just announced that their post-apocalyptic action RPG AI LIMIT will be coming in 2024 to PlayStation 5. Previously, the developers had announced that it would be coming to PS4, but they have said that that version is no longer planned.

In AI LIMIT, it has been centuries since the ecological environment was destroyed by a calamity of unknown origin, a mysterious fluid called “protoplasma” has emerged, and unknown monsters have come to roam the ruined city. Players set foot in Heaven’s Will, the last city of mankind, and search for the truth of the apocalypse in the monster-infested ruins of an old civilization to put an end to this desperate era.

The player takes on the role of Arrisa, a young girl, who searches for and restores the crystal trees scattered throughout the city. Then, they will face the truth hidden behind the disasters and strange phenomena.

AI LIMIT will be coming to PlayStation 5 on 2024. You can watch the official trailer here: