Pre-ordering Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition gets you 19-inch Sephiroth statue

The highly anticipated other entry into the Final Fantasy VII Remake franchise is still months away from getting released. But fans of the franchise can now pre-order the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition, which comes with a few special bonuses.

Fans of Sephiroth will especially like the Collector’s Edition for its inclusion in said bonuses. Particularly, as the One-Winged Angel he is known in the game. In this case, in the form of a 19-inch statue featuring the legendary swordsman himself, which comes with a detachable wing. Hence, the moniker “One-Winged Angel”.

With a price tag of $349.99, getting the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition is not especially cheap. But aside from the rather big Sephiroth figurine that comes with the bundle, Square Enix is making the rather hefty purchase worth it with some extras. Namely, an exclusive steel case, hardback artbook, soundtrack CD, and some digital in-game unlockables. Importantly, there is also the game itself.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is Square Enix’s latest flagship JRPG, following the release of Final Fantasy XVI, and is a follow-up to Final Fantasy VII Intergrade. The remake is a reimagining of the established franchise into a more expansive world, featuring characters introduced in the series as well as never-before-seen events.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is releasing worldwide on February 29, 2024, exclusively on the PlayStation 5.