Pre-orders for PlayStation Pulse Elite, Explore start November 9; launching in December

PlayStation Pulse Elite Explore

Fans of PlayStation have something to get excited about as the company announces its latest lineup of products for immersive audio experience aimed especially at gamers—the PlayStation Pulse Elite and the PlayStation Pulse Explore.

Starting November 9, interested buyers will be able to place a pre-order of both the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore. The date is just a little over a month before the accessories start rolling out on December 6, 2023. Subsequently, those who pre-ordered the PlayStation Portal will have to wait a few weeks to their hands on any of these peripherals once they receive their shiny new gamepad on November 15, 2023.

Leveraging on a new audio technology called PlayStation Link, both the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore provide the best audio experience to have ever come from a Sony product. Both the headset and earbuds are compatible with the PlayStation 5 via an adapter (which sells separately for $25) and even with other devices, like PC or mobile, via Bluetooth.

PlayStation Pulse Explore

Coming in at $200, the PlayStation Pulse Explore is the more expensive of the two offerings. Essentially earbuds, portability is the name of the game of this accessory. With dual microphones, onboard AI, and lossless audio capability, these altogether provide users of the Pulse Explore a next-level audio experience. Alongside the earbuds is a charging case, which makes recharging its batteries as simple as putting it back on its casing. Through PlayStation Link and Bluetooth, it is capable of establishing simultaneous connections with different devices.

PlayStation Pulse Elite

The less expensive of the two at $150, the PlayStation Pulse Elite shares many of the same capabilities as the Pulse Explore, such as the utilization of the PlayStation Link technology, the ability to connect to multiple devices at the same time, etc. But it also comes with the same limitation as well. Specifically, it needs an adapter when connecting to PlayStation 5. Other than that, though, the Pulse Elite is a perfect complement to the PlayStation Portal as well as other devices that function complementary to an accessory like it.