Promo Alert: Buy a Playstation 5 Slim, Get Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 For Free

PlayStation 5 Slim Spider-Man 2

Consumers who are looking to jump to the PlayStation 5 bandwagon for the first time are in for a treat when choosing to purchase a PS5 Slim at Walmart—it comes with a free downloadable copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This offer is strictly limited to those in the United States. But, still, it makes for a compelling purchase for those looking to experience one of the hottest titles released from last year, not to mention on Sony’s flagship gaming platform to date.

But apart from getting two of the best things in gaming right now, what makes this promotion compelling is largely due to the price. For only $499, this bundle promo is a discounted offer to what is otherwise a $549.99 deal. It, thus, saves the consumer at least $60.99, which could be spent on another PS5 title or simply saved for future spending.

Technically the third installment in the highly-acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise by developer Insomniac Games, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has players control two Spider-Man—Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Together, they work their way to saving New York City from its villains, including the main antagonist Venom.

Miles Morales and Peter Parker flying through the air in front of the Manhatten skyline
Miles and Peter swing into action