PS5 Slim bundle with Modern Warfare III coming to the US

PS5 Slim Modern Warfare 3

An advertisement was spotted that suggests a bundle of PlayStation 5 Slim with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and a release date of November 10, 2023.

X (formerly Twitter) user CharlieIntel took to social media to share what seems to be a promotional graphic involving the upcoming release of the PS5 Slim in the United States. It marks the slimmer version of Sony’s next-gen console’s debut alongside the latest installment in the COD franchise, Modern Warfare 3.

Although bundles of this nature would typically entail higher pricing, similar to the alleged Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle which will come at a price tag of $559.99 when it launches in November. But those looking to make the purchase might be delighted to learn that the Modern Warfare 3 PS5 Slim bundle will only sell for $499.99. This is normally the average price of a brand-new PS5 console in the US, making the bundled game free of charge.

After making its inauguration in the United States, the PS5 Slim will subsequently be rolling out to other regions. However, the exact date for each subsequent rollout is still not yet officially confirmed.

Apart from getting the latest game in the popular shooter franchise, buying the Modern Warfare 3 PS5 Slim bundle also includes the timed PS-exclusive Lockpick Operator Pack DLC. Said DLC won’t be making its way to other platforms until November 9, 2024.

Meanwhile, those wanting to get the game alone may head directly to the PlayStation Network to buy the game separately. Those who pre-ordered will get the Lockpick Operator Pack as a DLC on both PS4 and PS5.