Pulse Explore: Concealed In-Ear Headphones

It has recently been discovered that Sony has patented the first ever controller with a pair of earbuds nestled inside. Dubbed the Pulse Explore these in-ear headphones will be revolutionary for PS gamers.

The new controller has the ability to store, pair, and charge the Pulse Explore earbuds. A few different storage locations on the controller are found in the patent. This is a sign that maybe it’s not fully figured out yet, or at least wasn’t at the time they submitted the patent. One location shown online is behind the TouchPad on the controller.

One design for the Pulse Explore found by GameRant

Personally, I am a fan of over the ear headphones for many reasons, but for players who prefer in-ear the Pulse Expore could be huge. Also, this would definitely help the versatility of PS Remote Play for gamers who utilize that function.

The Pulse Explore is set to release this holiday season, along with the PlayStation Portal, Sony’s new attempt at handheld gaming (I will be reporting on that soon). Both new products seem to be releasing at $199.99, making them a bit pricey but, I’m sure, well worth it

What are your thoughts on this new development by Sony? Are you excited for the PS Pulse Explore and/or the PS Portal, let us know in the comment section below!