Rise Of the Ronin Was Not Meant For Release in South Korea, Sony Claims

Rise of the Ronin Sony

Following up on the controversy that suggested that Rise of the Ronin’s launch in South Korea is canceled, Sony insists that the game was never meant to be released in the country in the first place.

Team Ninja’s latest project recently made headlines following what seems to be a political decision not to launch the game in South Korea, fueled by articles published in both Daum and Ruliweb.

We mentioned in our previous report that it was likely due to a contentious figure depicted in the game. One that is particularly debatable in South Korea even to this day due to the persona’s role in restoring imperial rule in Japan and the subsequent takeover of Korea.

In a discussion with IGN, Sony disproved retail outlets’ claims that the game was canceled in Japan’s neighboring nation. Instead, he said that the game was never intended to be released in the region.

“Rise of the Ronin for PlayStation 5 was never officially announced for release in Korea,” per a Sony spokesperson.

“We can confirm that the title is not going to be sold or published in South Korea in any form, physical or digital,” it added.

On the issue that the game had been removed from the PlayStation Store, it appears to be unfounded. PlayStation Store tracking website Plat Prices found no listing for a Korean version of Rise of the Ronin.

The game might not be released in South Korea in an official capacity. However, it seems that Korean gamers are not necessarily excluded from experiencing the game. Another Asian version of Rise of the Ronin, such as the one in the Indonesian PlayStation Store, showed the game as having Korean language support.