Rocksteady Studios Co-Founders Emerge With New Yet-Unannounced Gaming Studio

Hundred Star Games

A new AAA gaming studio startup said to comprise “only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents” is being established in London, built by the co-founders of Rocksteady Studios, Polygon reports.

The studio, while still to be officially announced, is named Hundred Star Games, according to the corporate data website Endole. Although the information on the said website remains scarce at the moment, Sefton Brian Hill and Jamie Walker are identified as the studio’s directors.

Hundred Star Games, whose official website went live in October, is currently looking to fill its vacant positions. However, according to the company’s Great Place to Work profile, it presently has 25 people under its employ. Based on Polygon’s report, it appears some of those employees include former Rocksteady employees, particularly lead developers and director-level ones.

In addition to limiting the startup’s headcount to just 100 experienced vets and budding talents, the company is also looking for individuals “who are committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide”.

Despite over 18 years in the studio they have built, Hill and Walker left Rocksteady Studios in 2022. The former was the company’s creative director, while the latter was the studio director. Both former execs left on an amicable note but with a plan to establish a new studio together once more.