Roguelite action game Metal Bringer is launching on PS5 in 2024

Metal Bringer

Roguelite action game, Metal Bringer, from the same studio that brought Samurai Bringer will be released on the PlayStation 5, alongside a PC release, in 2024, developer Alphawing and publisher PLAYISM announced.

The second game in the Bringer series, Metal Bringer is set in a science fiction world filled with androids and giant robots. In this game, players take control of a humanoid called “Labor” that can ride big machines called “Arms”.


While having a simple top-down hack-and-slash premise, Metal Bringer adds more depth to the game via customizations to Labor and Arms, including their looks. The game even has plenty that makes the player seem more destructive or cute.

Apart from the aesthetics, players can also change parts that significantly alter the way they play in the process. This means that the player can get stronger as they progress and spend time tinkering with Labor as well as Arms. Specifically, with the stuff called “disks” that they would pick up along the way.


Metal Bringer is also made interesting with its storyline, too, as the game lets off a mystery that the player has to uncover by playing the game.

“The sky is blue, infinitely high, and infinitely vast… Whose words were these again…? Ah, I remember… It was about a virtual reality Rudra told me about. A fairy tale. How many years has it been since humanity took refuge underground? No one alive has ever seen a blue sky. And now, I’m trapped in the depths, in a small, lifeless room. Just how long have I been here…?”

A young girl named Suria wakes up in a laboratory and finds out that she has been put in cyrosleep for 1000 years without her knowledge.

In order to search for the rest of humanity, she builds Labor with her trusty Buds, and sends them off to investigate…


Metal Bringer shapes up to be more than your average title in the genre as it is, in part, made by industry veterans. Namely, Suzuhito Yasuda (Durarara!!, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor series) as a character designer, and Sami Shinosaki (Armored Cored and Fire Emblem series novels) as a writer.