RPG MAKER WITH Coming To PS4 and PS5 in the West in 2025

Publisher NIS America has announced that they’ll release RPG MAKER WITH in the West. The game making software will be available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2025.

RPG MAKER is a long-running franchise of RPG development apps. The first edition, RPG Tsukuru Dante 98 for the NEC PC-9801, came out in 1992, and it has since gained various revisions.

The PlayStation systems had multiple releases, including RPG Tsukuru 3 for the first Sony console. The latest console release was MV on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

WITH is a new edition made directly for consoles. It includes more user-friendly features, many premade samples and tools to make your own assets. You can then share your creations online.

Check out the announcement trailer: