Rumored Persona Insider Shares Insights on Upcoming Persona 6 and Other Projects

A source, who claims to be close to the Persona series, has unveiled intriguing details about Persona 6 and other forthcoming projects related to the franchise.

  • The much-anticipated Persona 6 is targeted for a 2025 release, though there’s chatter it might slide to 2026.
  • Ambitions are high for Persona 6, with aspirations to dwarf Persona 5 in scale and grandeur.
  • Come 2024, expect an announcement of a new Persona title that features the full cast of the series. Speculation is rife that it might be a fighting game. Moreover, this game is set to both be announced and launched within the same year.
  • Persona 5: The Phantom X is on the horizon for a Japanese release, with a closed beta already in the pipeline. Fans in China can also rejoice, as a release there is on the cards.
  • The rumor mill suggests a rich roadmap of future spinoffs – think more adventures with the P5 gang and potentially revisiting classics from the earlier Persona titles.

Note: These details are based on unconfirmed rumors. Always approach such information with caution until official announcements are made.