Sea Of Stars Physical Edition Announced

Developer Sabotage Studio has announced that Sea of Stars will have physical editions. The RPG will be available on retail on May 10, 2024. A limited edition exclusive to iam8bit will also come during Q2 2024.

Sea of Stars is a retro-styled turn-based RPG inspired by the classics of the genre. The game is available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and both will get the physical treatment.

As two young kids who aspire to become Solstice Warriors, the player will have to guide Valere and Zale through their journey. With the threat of a major catastrophe ever present, the player will soon find their mission to not be too simple.

The standard edition will cost US$ 39.99 while the exclusive edition costs US$44.99. The simpler edition will include a double sided poster with art by Bryce Kho and people who preorder it will receive the game’s digital soundtrack.

Meanwhile the iam8bit Exclusive Edition, which is now available for preorder, includes:

  • Retro-Style Game Manual
  • Collectible Slipcase
  • Double-Sided poster Featuring Original Art and an Oversized World Map
  • Includes Complete Soundtrack Download (200+ Tracks)
  • 4 sticker sheets