SEGA canceled its ‘Biggest Budget Game Ever’

SEGA Hyenas

SEGA had just put an end to a project said to be its “biggest budget game ever”. This comes following reports that say that the game studio chose to cancel its multiplayer looter shooter title Hyenas, mere weeks after the game had its Beta testing last September 17.

The Japanese gaming company has been making the rounds recently after reports of financial struggle and layoffs in the company. But amid this commotion is also Hyenas’ troubled development from the start, which only came to light in August.

SEGA spoke to investors saying that the development of Hyenas has been “challenging”. At the time, the company had no definitive business plan for the game, though the free-to-play scheme was being considered. Subsequently, SEGA claimed that Creative Assembly has been hands-on in improving the game’s quality.

In a press release, the company blamed the poor profitability in Europe, resulting in a review of the “title portfolio of each development base” and the cancellation of multiple projects, including Hyenas.

Taken by surprise by SEGA’s decision to close the would-be launching project, members of Hyenas’ staff took to Twitter in search of new opportunities.

Before its canning, Hyenas was slated for a multi-platform release, including the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.