Some players are having trouble installing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

Some players who bought a physical copy of Spider-Man 2 are reportedly having issues installing their game past 36 percent.

The case was originally raised by Redditor Okrym_ who claimed that “the installation gets stuck at 36%,” citing also efforts of having “tried everything”. More users from across the globe joined the thread posting a similar case.

In a drive to address the issue on their end, measures such as installing the disc offline, resetting the PS5, and using a different disc Spider-Man 2 were mentioned. However, none of the said means managed to ultimately fix the issue.

The reality of the matter became even more apparent when a Resettera thread was established on the same case. There, many users joined in on the discussion and provided their solutions but these were in vain. Other measures such as deleting and then reinstalling the game multiple times, deleting the system cache, and rebuilding the database did not seem to work.

Insomniac Games has not yet provided feedback in light of the issue. However, the studio is encouraging everyone who encounters the issue to bring their concern over to their tech support.