Sony Announces Community Game Help, Allowing Players To Share Their Gameplay As Hints

In a recent post on PlayStation Blog, the Senior Director at SONY, Sabrina Meditz, announced a brand-new feature that will be coming to PS5 systems later this year. It’s called Community Game Help.

Up until now, PlayStation Plus subscribers could enjoy a feature called Game Help, where they could view hints on how to proceed in certain portions of games. However, this feature wasn’t implemented in all games, and was locked behind a subscription service.

However, this all changes with the release of Community Game Help, where in addition to the developer-generated hints that are currently provided in supported games, other PlayStation owners can contribute their gameplay footage to help others, all for free, without the need of PlayStation Plus to participate or to view said hints.

The process is automatic too. According to the blog post, those who opt in the program will have their PS5 automatically capture a video when you complete a certain activity in a game.

Then, it will be reviewed by a moderator, and if approved, your video will be published as a Game Hint. Videos will be removed from the PS5 console once they are uploaded to our servers, so it will not impact your console storage.

This new feature will be coming to PlayStation 5 later this year.