Sony Is Releasing a Dualsense Controller With a Longer Battery Life

DualSense Version 2

A new PlayStation 5 controller with superior battery life could be hitting the market soon, as word about the DualSense “Version 2” controller is making waves online.

As spotted on US retailer Best Buy, Twitter/X user TCMF2 tweeted about the new controller with a description: “exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge, supports long gaming sessions”.

Having a half-day running time for a controller is certainly extensive for the average gamer, even more so for the casual gamer. However, it is worth noting that the original DualSense controller does not have an official battery life attributed to it. Although, it is safe to say that the controller does run between 6 to 9 hours, depending on the age of the gamepad itself.

But if you are among the minority who can endure very extensive playtime with the PlayStation 5 per session and do not like the idea of plugging it directly into the console for a direct source of energy, the DualSense Version 2 makes perfect sense as an upgrade to the seminal DualSense controller.

As of writing, the DualSense Version 2 controller does not have an official price tag yet. It is also equally a wonder when the peripheral will become commercially available.