Sony is silently rolling out a PS5 feature that lets you conveniently update your games


Sony is onto something that PlayStation 5 (PS5) owners will be delighted about as it secretly launches a feature that will enable users to conveniently update their games from the Game Library screen.

As originally posted on Reddit, user JTStarkiller shared the info on the topic with a thread titled “PSA: You can now ‘Check for Update’ for installed games in the Game Library screen”. There he explained how he came across the surprising feature while browsing through his installed games that are not on the Home Screen.

The report, while not necessarily untrue, is a stark contrast to how updates occur on PS5. More specifically, the console does not enable the updating of games unless they are included in your most recently played games. Conversely, not having a game in the most recent playlist will require such a title to be run to find an update. Even then, an update prompts the game to be closed to be implemented, which is quite a hassle for most players.

While the feature is not yet universally accessible to every PS5 owner just yet, there are already many others who corroborate the claim. This means that everyone will soon be able to experience the benefits of an automatic update once the feature becomes available to every PS5 owner across the globe.