Sony To Refund Players That Misunderstood the Last Of Us Pt 2 Remastered Upgrade

With The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered out now, many players are reliving the tragic story within, as well as experiencing the new features being offered. A number of players, however, misunderstood how the release would work.

See, if you own the game on PS4, you are able to upgrade for just 10 dollars, a big difference from the full price. Many were not aware of this option, and in turn bought the full version at its full 50 dollar price. A costly mistake if they already own it.

In an act of goodwill, Sony is giving refunds to players who already own the original game. As someone who is susceptible to giving into hype, I completely relate to this error. With all the new features, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think it’s being sold entirely separate from the original. Luckily, Sony has eased the stress for those players and preemptively began the refunds. In doing this they’re saving time for both players and its support staff, something commendable in my eyes.

User mrpyo1 on Twitter was one of the first to report on this. His tweet is below.

Did you accidentally jump the gun and pay full price? Have you received your refund yet? Are you enjoying the new modes and updated graphics? Let us know below in the comments!