Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II Gets February 2024 Release Date

Aksys Games has announced the English release date of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II. Known in Japan as Shibito Magire, the horror game will be available for PS5 on February 15, 2024.

The Spirit Hunter series is composed of horror adventure titles developed by DRPG expert Experience. In the games, the player explores various areas to deal with urban legends cases.

With a focus on the story, they feature multiple endings depending on how the player handles the spirits. Mishandling them may lead to characters’ premature deaths.

Death Mark II sees the return of the protagonist of the first game, Kazuo Yashiki, who’s back to H City. This time around, he’ll pose as a teacher to investigate supernatural incidents in Konoehara Academy.

Students have been mysteriously disappearing there, so he’ll have to look for clues at the school and nearby areas. Considering Death Mark and NG, this will likely lead him to encounters with dangerous spirits.

Besides the date announcement, Aksys has revealed a trailer with a first look at the game in English. It teases the story elements as well as showcases some bits of gameplay.

New to Death Mark II is the introduction of a 2D sidescrolling element to exploration. Previous games used a point-and-click system to looking for clues. Now we get to see Kazuo and his partner walking around and interacting with objects and people.

Just like previous games, the partner system returns, allowing the player to use different people to look for clues. Possible partners will include new and returning characters.

Check out the trailer: