Square Enix Details Foamstars Post-Launch Content Update Structure

Foamstars content

Following the announcement of Foamstars’ February release, Square Enix also laid out the details regarding the game’s content releases after launch.

Per the game studio, it is said that Foamstars will be subject to themed seasonal updates across the span of a year. These updates will include the addition of new characters, game modes, as well as maps.

Additionally, while players will be receiving gameplay items, like characters, those looking to gain instant access to said giveaways may do so by purchasing the $6/£5 Premium Season Pass. Buying the aforementioned pass also comes with additional cosmetics.

In a statement to VGC, Square Enix said that part of Foamstars’ first year of content would revolve around listening to community feedback. This means that the player base would play a pivotal role in the game’s early transitions as the developers will be all ears on how to improve the game based on community consensus.

Meanwhile, Square Enix’s Executive Director of Publishing Strategy Rich Brigg said:

The key thing here is making sure that anything that’s tied to core gameplay—a new character, mode, or map—having the dual season pass structure means that every user will get those for free, so we’re not segmenting the players, and then for those who want to take it a step further with more cosmetic items, or the ability to unlock characters faster, we do offer that option.