Stellar Blade Confirms Playtime Estimates For Story and 100% Completion

In a recent interview with Korean outlet Puliweb, ShiftUp CEO Kim Hyong-tae, revealed some information about the playtime of Stellar Blade, their upcoming title, as well as the reason behind the delay of the title.

When asked about the reason behind the delay, Kim Hyong-tae mentions that the reason wasn’t due to complications that were pointed out by Sony, as some had said previously, but rather, the polishing process of the game took longer than expected, which led to them needing a longer development time.

When commenting about the main story, he said:

Play time is expected to be about 25 hours for the main story and 30 to 50 hours for all the collection elements.

Kim-Hyong-tae, ShiftUp

In Stellar Blade, the future of humanity is balanced on the edge of a blade. Ravaged by strange, powerful creatures, Earth has been abandoned, and what is left of the decimated human race has fled to a Colony in outer space.

After traveling from the Colony, Paratrooper Eve arrives on the desolate remains of our planet with a clear-cut mission: to save humankind by reclaiming Earth from the NA:tive – the malevolent force that has devastated it. But as Eve tackles the NA:tive one-by-one, piecing together the mysteries of the past as she explores the ruins of human civilization, she realizes that her mission is far from straightforward. In fact, almost nothing is as it seems…

Stellar Blade will release exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.