Stellar Blade Gets ‘The Journey’ Behind the Scenes Video

Sony has released a new video for Stellar Blade. Titled The Journey, it gives us a look behind the scenes, exploring elements of the game development.

Stellar Blade is an action title by Korean developer Shift Up. So far, this is one of Sony’s biggest plans for 2024 and its PS5 release is coming on April 26.

The game tells the story of EVE, a warrior from the 7th Airborne Squad. Her mission is to defeat the enemies to mankind, the Naytibas. As they invade Earth suddenly, her colony dispatches her there.

In this first episode of the behind the scenes videos, we get to see some of its creators. Among them, we have Kim Hyung Tae, Shift Up’s CEO who also acts as the director, art director and writer for Stellar Blade.

The creators explain how the game presents a journey about humanity, their first step in designing the characters being the figurine, and the hardship of making a AAA in South Korea.