Stellar Blade Officially Given Adult Rating in South Korea Due To Excessive Violence

Stellar Blade Adult Rating

The South Korea-made upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has reportedly been given an adult rating in its country of origin for what appears to be a graphic depiction of violence and nudity.

While the game’s recent trailer might provide a hint as to why that may be the case, the South Korean website This Is Game reported more specific details. In particular, it pertains to the main character Eve herself who gives an impression of being nude when wearing certain costumes. In addition, the game’s action-centric theme has an unavoidable portrayal of violence that involves blood.

European and American counterparts, PEGI and ESRB, respectively, have yet to publish their ratings.

Developed by the South Korean studio Shift Up while published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Stellar Blade is an action game that took a muse out of the likes of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Nier: Automata, and Bayonetta. In an industry that hardly portrays women in a heroic light, notable figures such as Nier’s 2B and Bayonetta’s Bayonetta are inevitably seen as strong references to the game’s main character, Eve.

Game director, Hyung-tae Kim, during an interview with GamesRadar, revealed that “special attention” was given to the main protagonist’s back, considering its third-person perspective design.

Initially unveiled in 2019 for last-gen platforms, including the PS4, the game is now planned for release on next-gen platforms, like PS5, as well.