Stellar Blade Will Have Korean Dubbing Available Worldwide

Stellar Blade Korean

Last week’s State of Play presentation showed the public Stellar Blade with English dubbing but not without some audiences hoping to play the game in its original dubbing instead. While not entirely out of the options, it might also not be as some expect it to be.

In an interview with Push Square, Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim said “The game offers a total of 22 different languages, and nine voiceover dubbings”.

On the topic of dubbing aside from English, Hyung-Tae said—“The user can freely select from these options. But we do have to tell you that the Japanese voices will only be available in Japan. The Japanese text will be available, but it’s the voiceover that won’t be. This is due to the voice actors, as they’ll only be available in the Japanese region”.

While that may come off as a disappointment to those anticipating Japanese dubbing, there is another option that is probably just as good. That is, the game will have Korean dubbing available worldwide, per Technical Director Dong-Gi Lee, with it also coming with fully lip-synced animations.

“English, Japanese, and Korean all have lip-synced animations, so the users will get to experience more natural voiceovers,” he said.