Stellar Blade’s Eve Is Based on This Real-Life South Korean Model

Stellar Blade Shin Jae-eun

Stellar Blade’s main protagonist, Eve, is fashioned after a real-life South Korean model named Shin Jae-eun, Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim confirms.

In a discourse with Push Square, Hyung-Tae said, “Yes, we did base the character of Eve on the model Shin Jae-eun”.

Real-life figures making a semblance in video games for the character they portray is nothing new under the sun. However, Stellar Blade’s heroine may not be the entire package of the genuine article.

“We thought that her body shape would be a good reference for the character that we were pursuing. But the face was created originally in-house—it’s just the body of the model that we scanned for the game,” said Hyung-Tae.

When asked why they chose Jae-eun, the game director replied—“Of course, it depends on how you define beautiful bodies, but for us, we wanted to come up with the most attractive-looking body for the user, so this is why we made the decision to work with her”.