Stilt Announced For PSVR2

Mekiwi Oy has announced Stilt, a new platformer game coming to PlayStation VR2. The game’s store page shows a tentative March 2024 release window.

The developer describes Stilt as follows in the store:

In the world of Stilt, you are a furball with two arms. You were routinely flying your spaceship delivering gift packages until a giant octopus living atop a volcano decided to steal your spaceship, dispersing the precious cargo all over the hills. You equip yourself with a springy stilt in each hand to bounce through the challenging landscape to retrieve the lost gifts and eventually get back your stolen spaceship!

Stilt is a colorful, stunning VR platformer game that takes inspiration from classic platformers. Use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to progress through the levels, collecting lost gift packages and stamps along the way. With your wits and stilts, you can handle any challenge: pass chasms, avoid traps, break things and smack creatures. There are also hidden power-ups that can upgrade your stilts with many abilities!

Stilt has multiplayer too! Take part in several modes in various PvP arenas! In Smack-em-all!, score points by smacking other players to sea. In Area Bash, gain points by staying inside a marked, constantly moving area while trying to keep other players outside. There is also a huge lobby area where you can meet up with other players and prepare your stilts for the next match.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of Stilt and be jumping like never before? Put on your headset, fasten your stilts, and have some bouncy adventures in the world of Stilt!

Check out the reveal trailer: