Stray Gods: Orpheus DLC Announced For PS4 and PS5

Humble Games announced Stray Gods: Orpheus, a DLC for Summerfall Studios adventure. This new experience in the Greek gods universe will be available on June 27, 2024 on PC and later at an undisclosed date on PlayStation systems.

Stray Gods is a musical choose-your-adventure game that is available on PS4 and PS5. As Grace faces a turbulent time in her life, this young woman gets powers beyond her comprehension.

She soon finds herself facing an unjust trial and having to prove her innocence. With the power of music, this new Muse will have to look for clues about the true killer and bring the truth to light.

In the new DLC, however, we will have the chance to experience the story of Orpheus. After the events of the original game, he has no place in the underworld anymore and Hermes will give him a chance to live the experience of being in the world of living once again.

The story promises new songs with voice actors Anthony Rapp and Erika Ishii as the stars of the story. David Gaider pens the narrative and Austin Wintory returns to music composition.

Check out the announcement trailer:

[Erratum (May 9th – 10:43 PM UTC): We originally posted the PC release date as the one for every system. It has now been fixed to properly reflect it’s coming for consoles only after that date.]