Street Fighter 6 Announces Akuma Character DLC Coming Spring 2024

Capcom has announced that the final character from the Year 1 roster of DLC characters, Akuma, will be added this Spring. Players who own the Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition, or the Year 1 Character Pass will be able to obtain and unlock him as soon as he releases.

Furthermore, this month’s Fighting Pass will also feature Mega Man-inspired content and rewards related to everyone’s favorite robot to obtain, including this month’s Street Voter event, where players can vote on their favorite Mega Man game.

Further details about Akuma, such as his kit and exact release date will be revealed at a later date. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes.

Street Fighter 6 is the latest title in Capcom’s popular fighting series. It came out in June 2023 with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 editions. It has already sold over 3 million copies.

You can view the Akuma teaser trailer below: