Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Pushed To Go Offline Due To a Bug

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

A mere hour after Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League went online, Rocksteady pulled the game offline due to a glitch that caused it to “auto-complete”.

Slated for release on February 2, 2024, owners of the Deluxe Edition are given an early 72 hours of access to the game. Due to geographic location, this would imply that anybody from New Zealand would be able to play the game ahead of everybody else. This also means that said owners have paid $30 more than the base game for earlier access to the game.

But just as everyone has logged into their accounts to play the game, a bug seemingly arises where players would unexpectedly finish the game. Rocksteady, swift in responding to the bug, placed the game in offline mode while telling users that a downtime lasting for several hours was in place. This studio also informed the public about the situation via an X/Twitter post.

Consequently, Rocksteady made a follow-up post, saying that the cause of the bug was identified and is getting fixed.

Meantime, the game studio has not yet issued a statement concerning potential refunds for those who paid for the Deluxe version to gain an early hands-on experience with the game.