Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Post-Credits Pays Tribute To Batman’s Previous VA

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Conroy

The longstanding voice actor behind DC’s iconic hero Batman met his demise during the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. In paying tribute to the legendary figure, a dedicated scene can be found during the game’s post-credits.

As the persona behind not only the iconic DC character in the animated series but also other animated films and even the Batman Arkham series, Conroy’s voice shaped the way the audience perceives the character. For someone whose career has revolved around giving life to the figure through his voice, it can be argued that the voice actor might be considered the real persona behind the cowl. More so than the likes of actors who tried to depict the figure visually in films, like Michael Keaton, Van Kilmer, Christian Bale, etc.

While Conroy’s entire career might be described as such, it all was put to an end in 2022, following a struggle with cancer. This was around the time of the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. However, his role as a Batman in the game was fortunately wrapped up before breathing his last.

The man will only be forever remembered as the voice behind Bruce Wayne/Batman moving forward. But his performance does not end with Kill the Justice League just yet. Posthumously, as it appears, two more projects are in the pipeline, which will feature The Dark Knight while using his voice.