Survive a malevolent Aztec god in Death Relives

Death Relives

A horror survival game involving a killer Aztec god is being developed and will be made playable on PlayStation 5 at an uncertain date in the future.

Titled “Death Relives,” players are put into the shoes of a character who must survive a malevolent creature’s thirst for blood as players are chased to be a sacrifice or simply killed for sport.

Under development by Nyctophile Studios, whose namesake suggests positive feelings of being in the dark, the team is comprised of individuals who have a strong passion for horror and mythology.

Borrowing the same gameplay design as seen in the likes of Amnesia and Outlast, players encounter the frights of Death Relives in first-person view. But as players are constrained to merely running and hiding, the tension of survival is greater at every moment.

While everything about the game is intended to elicit scare, the murderous Aztec god Xipe Totec is certainly the highlight of the scare factor. Otherwise known as Our Lord the Flayed One, it embodies horror through its depiction of a being with a penchant for wearing flayed human skin.

Will you survive this malignant god when Death Relives releases on the PlayStation 5?