System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is coming to PS5

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

The beloved second installment in the classic sci-fi action RPG title System Shock is getting a remaster. And it is coming to PS5 as System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. It is being developed by the same studio that brought the remake version of the original, Nightdive Studios.

Previously teased only as coming to “next-generation consoles,” the remaster of the 1999 title now has the specific platforms tied to it. No date concerning the release, however, has been announced.

Players who owned said remake on either GOG or Steam will be entitled to claim System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition entirely for free. By not yet having a sequel to the second game, this makes it the complete experience of the series.

Remastered for modern platforms

Fans of the franchise who may have played System Shock 2 in its original version may have encountered it on modern platforms. It has been a troublesome experience for many since the Windows XP SP3 days of home computing. The Enhanced Edition seeks to rectify this by making the remaster work specifically with modern hardware in mind. This means no more resorting to workarounds or enduring a rough experience with the game, even with the most capable hardware.

As a remaster, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is also expectedly stunning in the visual department. Not only does this make it the best-looking version of the title to date. But it will also support higher display resolutions and frame rates than what it was originally designed for. Think of playing the game on up to 4K of display and at frames of up to 120 MHz.

Lastly, the game will also come with a co-op feature, too, which gives players immersion by playing with others. Apart from that, the remaster will also support fan-made content, too.