Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Allegedly Coming To PS5 No Later Than March 31

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Thirteen years after Test Drive Unlimited 2, we’re finally seeing yet another installment in the franchise with Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. And it is finally headed to consoles, including the PS5, before March of this year ends, The Loadout reports.

Publisher Nacon originally announced that the game is set to arrive in Q4 this year, coinciding with the company’s 2023-2024 earnings report. But it appears that the game is way ahead of schedule.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown was last seen in an official capacity back in mid-December via “The Racer” trailer. In the video, a Corvette C7 ZR1 became its highlight, set in displaying the game’s in-engine gameplay footage as well as customizations.

As for the developing title’s initial reveal itself, Solar Crown was first announced to the public during the Nacon Connect back in July 2020. It was originally anticipated for a May 2022 release but was delayed to an unspecified later date.

In addition to Solar Crown, it appears that other titles are currently in the works. Namely, Taxi Life, Garden Life; Crown Wars the Black Prince; and Welcome to Paradize also mentioned in the 2023-2024 report.