The 5 Finest Sidearms in Hunt: Showdown

With all of the choice weapons in Hunt it can often be difficult to pick a sidearm. Each one is crafted after a real-world counterpart and not knowing which is right for you could leave you leaking from the forehead. Well fret no longer for I have put an unreasonable amount of time into this game and can tend to all of your black powder needs. Below is a list I’ve compiled of the best pistols in Hunt: Showdown

5. Dolch 96

The only semi-auto pistol in the game worth wrapping your fingers around. Modeled after the Mauser c96 ‘broom handle’ and equally as effective. If the time between shots with your revolver leaves you on edge, then the Dolch should put your mind at ease. This piece of history packs a wallop and sends a powerful crack through the air that will let your enemies know what is to come. Being quick and powerful has its drawbacks though as this weapon has noticeable recoil and requires a trained hand to use effectively. It is also classified as a special weapon, meaning you will have to replenish at special ammunition crates.

4. Caldwell Uppercut

The biggest iron, a literal cannon on your hip. This big boy is a rendition of the Colt Walker revolver, which was known to be the most powerful handgun available for 80 years. I have put many a hunter out of commission with the uppercut, it’s a viable choice, but still a more specialized sidearm. It would likely not fare well on its own, as every other sidearm on this list can, being that it has only a 5 round cylinder and kicks like a mule when fired. It pairs well with shotguns, given they lack range, and rifles provide a larger ammo pool. A highly effective sidearm, but not a casual choice. 

3. Caldwell Conversion Pistol

Thought by fools to be nothing more than a peashooter. It appears to be inspired by the Colt navy revolver, but it’s difficult to be sure. I am sure, however, that this weapon sports the tightest hip fire spread of all the handguns, making it a laser when paired with fanning. Its ammo pool is large, though this is due to it being chambered in the game’s smallest bullet type. It may not be powerful, but it is cheap and available incredibly early on with special ammunitions that heavily contribute to its versatility.

2. Caldwell Pax

The Caldwell Pax has always been there when you needed it most. Without a doubt it is based on the Colt Single Action Army, the poster child of old west revolvers. I have put a few miles into this thing, and it just will not let me down. It’s powerful, a starter weapon, and has some of the best iron sights around. I’m not privy to all the fancy “special ammunition” the city fellers use in this weapon, but i suppose they could be useful. The pax performs, always has, always will.

1. LeMat Mark II

The bread and the butter, a French design that needs for nothing. 9 compact rounds pleasantly wrapped around a 20-gauge shotgun shell. With a simple flip of the hammer, you can switch between the two while you marvel at the delightfully chunky iron sights. They may seem ugly, but something about these sights locks onto enemy headgear and just will not let go. I could not count the number of matches this gun has won me over the years. I will always return to the Lemat because it is awesome.

Play This Game

I hope I have convinced you of at least one of these weapons authenticity, but nothing will convince you better than using them yourself. Follow the link below to the official Hunt: Showdown website if you don’t have it already and start rolling in the mud as soon as possible.