The Casting Of Frank Stone Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Behaviour Interactive have shared a first look at the gameplay for The Casting of Frank Stone. The horror game is a Dead by Daylight spin-off with Supermassive Games at the development helm.

Like other titles by the developer, this is a cinematic horror experience. Players will have the chance to choose actions that may spell the life or death of a cast of brand new characters. It’ll also be necessary to react to quick time events.

At the center of the game are four friends trying to shoot a movie during the summer of 1980. While they do it, they end up facing horrors they could not expect.

While the video is called a gameplay trailer, the montage with various quick scenes without any HUD makes it hard to discern between premade animations and potential direct control events.

Check out the trailer:

The Casting of Frank Stone is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2024. The companies have yet to announce a specific release date.